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The Pop Star's Room of Doom

The Pop Star's Room of Doom

Escape Room Rating: 90%

Innovative, rewarding, and completely original, The Pop Star’s Room of Doom combines a thrilling concept and fun actor interplay for a remarkable experience from Kotaro Uchikoshi.

"Your favorite 90s pop star lies dead in their apartment. Stuck behind a window across the street, you and your friends helplessly witness the scene. But before the shock sets in, time suddenly rewinds to mere minutes before their death!

You try desperately to save them, but every attempt ends in failure, causing the time loop to reset. With just 10 loops left before the future is set in stone, can you find a way to save the pop star’s life? It’s time to change their fate and escape the time loop!"

The Pops Star's Room of Doom is unlike any escape room or experience we've played. Designer / writer Kotaro Uchikoshi brings a fresh 'real time loop game' to the Escape Room world. With a completely unique and novel concept, this escape experience highlights observation and insights, as well as reacting with action to change those events. The performances of the two (!) in-game actors are key, and surprisingly don't get repetitive, as they hinge on improvisation. Real Escape Game is a veteran from the Japanese escape room realm, and this room has many polished effects to showcase this. 

Bring your best team of 8 or the maximum 9 for this game, as differing viewpoints are massively helpful. This is an awesome experience, and as Real Escape typically does, may not be available in SF forever. Mark it on your must-do list for the City. 


  • Completely original type of game
  • Fun (2!) actor interactions
  • Rewards observations and insight



The Pop Star's Room of Doom, San Francisco